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The sculptor Pollès is currently exhibiting 5 monumental works on the Place du Village, in Megève, in collaboration with the Gallery De Souzy.

This exhibition perpetuates the tradition of the great masters of the 20th century, and allows us to appreciate the talent of an authentic artist.

“Curves and counter-curves, volumes interrupted by sinuous edges, as well as solids and strips: Pollès is the inventor of an organic cubism. His sculptures constitute a repertory of forms where the carnal character competes with geometry. An abstract geometry mishandled by movement, the sculptor’s vital and artistic energy and his favorite motif: the female body. Halfway between figuration and abstraction, Pollès expresses the sensuality, harmony, strength or softness of bodies. Dynamic or dense, round or slender, his sculptures translate the suppleness of the gesture and the fullness of the flesh by constantly reinvented forms”.
Sylvie BLIN

“The power of Pollès to give life to bronze by infusing it with a carnal quality allows him to associate the breath of sensuality with the glove work of the metalworker. …] In my mind, this metal molder has taken his place among the illustrious initiates; a curious man, who handles the immensely heavy bronze with the elegant ease of one who descends from the breast of a swan, shapes, sculpts and burnishes it into a mixture of substance and fantasy. »
Maurice RHEIMS


Exposition Pollès

Place de l’Eglise, currently village square – until April 15, 2021.

Galerie de SOUZY: Place Beauvau, 98 rue du Fbg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris
Contact : Pierre-Edouard de SOUZY
Tel : 01 42 65 90 96
Email : galerie@desouzy.com
Artistic Agent: Elodie Couturier