Condominium administration

SERV-4Building management is the be-all and end-all of services for property owners.
Our role as building administrator is to represent and defend the interests of the property owners as a community. In addition, we are entrusted with tasks associated with the management of the co-owned areas of the building.

Our 100 co-owned properties are managed by:
Mrs Sandrine LAFONT, head of co-owned properties,
Mr Arnaud GRINDA, head of co-owned properties,
Mrs Béatrice GAVARD, assistant,
Mrs Jennifer BAPTENDIER, assistant,
Mrs Marie-Christine DOMENECH, receiving office
Mrs Valérie LIGEON, receiving office and junior accounting,
Mrs Julie LANDRE-BONNET, accountant

Each member of staff has considerable experience in building management.

Due to its intimate size, our highly capable team of professionals is available
at all times to offer you a tailor-made building management service of the quality
that you have every right to expect.

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