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Sell or purchase a property in Megeve

Are you interested in purchasing a main residence or second home in Megeve?

To help you to find your dream property, we will remain at your side throughout the entire purchasing process. Our proficient team will give you objective advice to match your selection criteria. We make the following commitments in all the services we provide:
– To ensure that the sale goes through and to prevent any nasty surprises, all the properties we have on offer are subject to a listing agreement and legal verifications;
– To avoid any ambiguities when you make your decision, a detailed file is put together on each property containing all relevant information (building maintenance charges, reports, etc.);
– To save wasting your time visiting irrelevant properties but to ensure that you do not miss out on an interesting opportunity, we only show you carefully selected properties. You are the first to be informed of any new property that comes onto the market corresponding to your search criteria.
– To offer you as many services and to make things as convenient for you as possible, we come with you to visit each property.
– To ensure that you make the best possible purchase, we can help you to obtain the best possible bank loan.
– To ensure maximum security and reactivity, we draw up your pre-contract and come with you when you sign the final documents.
– To advise you throughout the whole process, we come with you when you sign the final documents.
– We remain on hand once you have signed the final documents, to advise you and help you with any additional paperwork and procedures (even after the sale has gone through)  consult our catalogue of properties for sale on our site




What is the best way to sell property ?

The new SRU legislation has made the seller’s obligations and responsibilities much more complicated.
Each stage of the process that will result in the sale of your property requires thoroughness and professionalism: valuation, showing your property in the best possible light ..






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